Community-Based Approach to Mentoring and Empowering The Locals in Meratus Mountenous Village

  • Krisdianto Krisdianto Lambung Mangkurat University
  • Muhammad Rusmin Nuryadin Lambung Mangkurat University
  • Ridha Wati Lambung Mangkurat University
  • Ibnu Adzie Saputro Lambung Mangkurat University
Keywords: Hinas Kiri, Moringa Permaculture, networks


Utilizing local intelligence and juxtaposing it with modern knowledge is a wise effort to maintain a balance in the preservation of natural resources and the dynamics of the needs of local communities, which can be implemented through mentoring business activities for processing Moringa Permaculture plantations in Hinas Kiri village located around the watershed. Batang Alai, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency. We implemented the mentoring program approach by introducing the concept of balance in caring for nature, caring for kinship, and applying the principles of sharing and equality for the community in the village. The decision-making process for the activity resulted from the FGD stage, and we asked the participating community groups to take part voluntarily, learning together in the Moringa Permaculture demonstration plot, "learning by doing". We also recorded their opinions, suggestions, and impressions, collected photographs and made videos of group discussion sessions or interviews that do not interfere with their regular working time. We invited them to give examples and accompany them when carrying out activities in June–November 2022. The results show that the community's interest in discussing, planting and opening yard-based gardens for Moringa is considerable, so now a seedling garden is also developing it. We have created an example garden on a landscape of ​​800 square meters. Various results of activities in Hinas Kiri have collaborated more broadly through partnership networks that can benefit Lambung Mangkurat University, which is now a BLU PTN.


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